Anna Bertelli

I live and work in Bologna.

I have a small studio where I create and restore ceramics of all kinds. I started working and studying ceramics for passion in 1984.

Ceramic offers many possibilities of expression because the materials are various and different. The basic processing techniques are ancient, they come from all the civilizations of the world, and they have only partially changed over time. Ceramic may seem apparently simple, but it is capable and rich in transformations, generous in letting itself be molded and leading to new shapes, and moreover always full of surprises in the firing process.

I started learning to decorate the traditional majolica in Faenza and later I had the opportunity to learn and practice modern techniques of ancient origins, like raku and pit-firing.

The fragility of ceramics has made me interested in its restoration. In this field too, there are many possibilities, and very satisfying results can be achieved.